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About Me

About Me

Ever since I was young, I knew that theater and the performing arts were my passion. There were times when I would become interested in other careers, but my heart always went back to the stage. When I reached high school, I became even more determine to be the alumni that could say they "made it" in the big ol' world as, well, a theater kid at the core. 

As I got older and began finding new passions and interests, such as stage management and working in film, I began receiving the question: Which path are you taking? Are you going to continue as an actor having finished your BFA degree, or maybe go to graduate school to become a stage manager, or maybe find your way into the film scene and move away from theater? For the longest time, when this question was posed to me, I had no answers. I didn't want to leave anything of these newfound loves behind. Each one holds a piece of who I am in vastly different ways, and giving one up for the other feels like chopping a limb off. 

Now, having spent a long time pondering this question and talking with the people I trust, I have an answer...

All of them.



SEPTEMBER 2023 ~ MAY 2026

California Institute of the Arts

MFA Stage Management

AUGUST 2019 ~ JUNE 2023

University of California: Santa Barbara
BFA in Acting

JULY 2017

California State Summer School of the Arts
Theater Program

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